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  • Batterer’s Accountability – Reinforcing to clients that Domestic Violence is a crime.  Defining power and control, abuse, teaching negotiation, fairness and respect.

  • Parenting – Defining family systems, roles and interactions.  Examining family traditions & values as well as  “inherited” & ”acquired” parenting skills.  Overview of basic child rearing guidelines and pitfalls throughout stages of development.  Parents are educated on listening and communication skills.

  • Anger Management – Defining anger, hidden and overt.  Overview of dirty vs. fair fighting techniques.  Safe release of anger through stress management.

  • Substance Abuse Education and Treatment – Introduction to the disease concept of addiction.  An examination of alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin & designer drugs on the mind and body.  The effects on the family and legal ramifications of substance abuse.

  • DWI – Defining Substance Abuse and understanding the medical consequences, legal consequences of substance abuse. Education on progression, abstinence, relapse and recovery.  Overview of “risky” behaviors and driver’s responsibilities.  Introduction to community based sober support.

  • Women’s Education – Examines self-esteem, co-dependency, daily living skills.  Education addresses anger and stress management, substance abuse definition and recognition of domestic violence.

  • Men’s Education – Examines self-esteem and male roles.  Focuses on understanding and expressing feelings and emotions.  It also addresses socialization, relationships, partnerships and health concerns.

  • Adolescent – Program addresses adolescent substance abuse education and anger management.  Overview of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, alcohol methadone, amphetamines, tranquilizers, PCP, sedatives, hallucinogens, “club drugs” abuse.  Effects on the mind, body and the physical, legal and societal consequences. Defining and understanding anger and finding safe releases.

  • Adolescent Marijuana Education – (for adolescents with an identified marijuana usage)  - the goal is to provide adolescents with information about short and long term psychological and physiology effects of Marijuana.  Some of the topics of discussions are family, feelings, maturity, behavior, physical symptoms, school relationships, self-esteem, peer pressure and dependency.

  • Road Rage Education – Overview of definition and statistics. Areas examined are: observations, triggers, weapons, anger reduction, avoiding high risk situations, choices, self-protection, accident avoidance and legal consequences.

  • Alternative To Incarceration Program – designed to meet court, Parole, Probation requirements.  Client attends twice weekly to address substance abuse education and concerns that may lead to further incarceration (examples: Anger Management, Batterer’s Accountability, Road Rage, Parenting Skills, Sex Workers intervention and DWI education.

  • Men & Women Support Groups – Forum for processing new ideas and behaviors, building self-esteem, and encouragement for change.

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